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Research Team (UMD): Steven A. Gabriel, Yohan Shim
Research Team (UCLM): Antonio Conejo, Raquel García-Bertrand
Research Team (UMA): Sebastian de la Torre


Dr. Steven A. Gabriel, Yohan, Shim (Ph.D. candidate UMD), Dr. Antonio Conejo, Dr. Raquel García-Bertrand(UCLM=Universidad de Castilla- La Mancha, Ciudad Real, Spain), and Dr. Sebastian de la Torre (UMA=Universidad de Málaga) are developing methods to solve discretely-constrained mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints (MPECs) with applications in energy. These problems involve a upper planning level as well as a lower operational level. Typically the top level will constain some discrete variables (e.g., turning on/off generators, building pipelines) whose values will be fixed in the bottom level optimization or Nash-Cournot game.

Selected Recent Papers

  1. S.A. Gabriel, Y. Shim, A.J. Conejo, S. de la Torre, R. García-Bertrand, "A Benders Decomposition Method for Discretely-Constrained Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints with Applications in Energy," October 2007, in review.

Selected Recent Presentations

  1. Methods for MPEC Planning Problems in Energy (invited talk with Y. Shim, A. Conejo, R. Garcia-Bertrrand), INFORMS Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, November 5-8, 2006.



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