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Sponsor: Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, TransCoop Program
Research Team (UMD): Steven A. Gabriel
Research Team (TU-Dresden): Florian Leuthold, Christian von Hirschhausen


Dr. Steven A. Gabriel, Florian Leuthold, and Dr. Christian von Hirschhausen (TU-Dresden= Technische Universität, Dresden) are developing large-scale models of electric power markets via a formulation involving mathematical programming with equilibriim constraints (MPEC). They are also developing specialized algorithms to solve these problems. They will be applying these methods and models first to the European Union electric power grid.

Recent Papers


  1. S.A. Gabriel, F.U. Leuthold , "Solving Discretely-Constrained MPEC Problems with Applications in Electric Power Markets," July 2008, in review.

Recent Presentations

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