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Research Team: Steven A. Gabriel, Javier F. Ordóñez, José A. Faria, Sateesh Kumar,  Amirali Nasserian

Dr. Steven A. Gabriel, Dr. José A. Faria (Ph.D. , CEE UMD, 2005, Florida International University), Dr. Javier F. Ordóñez (Ph.D. , CEE UMD, 2007), Dr. Sateesh Kumar (Ph.D. , CEE UMD, 2004), and graduate student Amirali Nasserian, have developed multiobjective optimization models with stochastic costs to aid in project selection. These models use eithe chance constraints or simulation to more accurately balance budgetary and manpower considerations.

Selected Recent Papers

  1. S. A. Gabriel, S. Kumar, J. Ordóñez, A. Nasserian, 2006. "A Multiobjective Optimization Model for Project Selection with Probabilistic Considerations," Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, 40, 397-313.
  2. S.A. Gabriel, J.F. Ordóñez, and J. A. Faria. 2006. “Contingency Planning in Project Selection Using Multiobjective Optimization and Chance Constraints,” ASCE Journal of Infrastructure Systems, 12(2), 112-120.

Selected Recent Presentations





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