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Sponsor: National Science Foundation (CNS, Award #0435206)
Research Team: Steven A. Gabriel, Stuart Milner, Yohan Shim, Jifang Zhuang, Jaime Llorca

Dr. Steven A. Gabriel, Yohan Shim (Ph.D. Candidate, CEE UMD), Dr. Stuart Milner, Jaime Llorca (Ph.D. Candidate, ECE UMD), and Dr. Jifang Zhuang (Ph.D., CEE UMD 2005, Chevron) have developed both models and algorithms for fast, optimal reconfiguration of ring topologies. Typically, these wireless networks need to be reconfigured in near-real time due to hurricanes or other dramatic events which make elements of the existing networks (temporarily) inoperable. Additionally, one can optimize either costs and/or congestion to be minimized. The resulting combinatorial optimization problems are computationally challenging and made more so by the need for near real-time solutions. Fast heuristic methods have been developed and extensively tested on both stochastic and deterministic versions of the problems.

Selected Recent Papers

  1. Y. Shim, S.A. Gabriel, A. Desai, P. Sahakij, S. Milner, "A Fast Heuristic Method for Minimizing Traffic Congestion on Reconfigurable Ring Topologies," September 2005, Journal of the Operational Research Society, in press. (online publication February 2007).
  2. S.A. Gabriel, Y. Shim, J. Llorca, , S. Milner, "A Multiobjective Optimization Model for Dynamic Reconfiguration of Ring Topologies with Stochastic Load," Networks and Spatial Economics, October 2006, in press. (online publication July 2007).
  3. Y. Shim and S.A. Gabriel, "Heuristic Approaches for Dynamic Reconfiguration of Ring Topologies in Directional Wireless Networks," February 2008, in review.

Selected Recent Presentations

  1. Evaluating Effectiveness of Cost Minimization Heuristics in Optical Wireless Networks (invited talk with J. Llorca, A. Desai, S. Milner, Y. Shim), INFORMS Conference, San Francisco, California, November 2005.



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