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1995-2000 Project Manager

ICF Consulting, Fairfax, VA (ICF Consulting Oil & Gas Group)
Directed and implemented Systems Engineering, Operations Research/Operations Management/Econometric modeling projects in energy for both public and private sector clients. Employed project management methods extensively.
Selected projects include:

  • Modeling a production-storage-demand network of the North American natural gas system to answer operational and strategic questions regarding market equilibria, the value of gas storage, etc. (for the U. S. Dept. of Energy using optimization techniques)
  • Development of a Windows-based decision support system for the North American natural gas system to analyze market equilibrium prices, quantities, and flows as well as other values (for the U. S. Dept. of Energy using a Geographic Information System)
  • Providing expert advise on quantifying the value of expected unserved energy (i.e., unmet demand) in the U. S. electrical power grid (for public and private sector clients using probability theory and optimization techniques)
  • Modeling the effects of carbon stabilization efforts in Canada and the resulting effects on the U. S. natural gas system (for the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency using optimization techniques)
  • Providing expert advise on an optimal electrical power flow model for incorporation in the National Energy Modeling System (for the U.S. Dept. of Energy using nonlinear programming concepts)
  • Modeling the demand for electrical power by season and hour (for a private sector client using statistical regression methods)
  • Modeling the demand for natural gas in the U. S. industrial sector (for the U. S. Dept. of Energy using statistical regression methods)

1993-1994 Independent Operations Research Consultant

U.S. Department of Energy, Washington, DC
Analyzed convergence properties of the National Energy Modeling System

1984-1992 Operations Research Analyst/Operations Research Consultant

Arthur D. Little, Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts and Washington, DC
Developed Operations Research and econometric models in a variety of applications areas.
Selected projects include:

  • Estimation of the parameters of a theoretical order process for a major U. S. retailer using nonlinear least squares (for a private sector client using nonlinear least squares methods)
  • Development of an optimization model of a landfill and a quarry operation to optimize the combined profits for a parent company subject to certain environmental and operational constraints (for a private sector client in the Waste Managment/Road Construction industry using optimization methods)
  • Analysis of service performance of first class mail for the U. S. Postal Service (for the U. S. Postal Service using Tobit and other statistical methods)
  • Development of econometric models to measure the effectiveness of a generic dairy advertising program for a trade association and reported to the U. S. Congress ( for the National Dairy Board using advanced statistical methods)
  • Development of a database and other participation in building an automated threat assessment decision support system to measure security risks at computer facilities (for the U. S. Air Force using risk analysis and probabilistic methods)
  • Preparation of a report on strategy for development of U. S. Army integrated energy management systems (for the U. S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory)

1983 Systems Analyst

Technology Systems, Bethel, CT
Developed integrated business software for a variety of clients.

1981-1983 Marketing Analyst

Kero-Sun, Inc., Kent, CT
Developed statistical regression models of sales penetration of kerosene heaters in specific markets.

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